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The most important event held out of Cuba for the Cuban cigars fan is the Meeting of Friends of Partagas, as every year is celebrated in the city of Matelica, Macerata Province, Italy.

Lack little to its opening, more than a month, and will be present many fans from all over the world, which over three days will unleash their passion for Cuban cigars, creating an atmosphere in those days only and is not repeated in any other event of its kind in the world. The Cuban light rum will be present, as cannot be otherwise, to participate with their excellence and quality in this homage only of its kind in the world.


Here is the meeting agenda, which, in addition to a meeting of Cuban cigar lovers, becomes a cultural event that mixes several options and have space from the art of the rollers that manufactures cigars wonder with his own hands, the painter and collector who added that his work can be seen in an event of this type, through the ever-present Cuban music, while the culture of Cuban light rum, which as Habanos exceptional brother, will be present at all times, in the figure of the brand Ron Santiago de Cuba, the possessor of the best Cuban rum reserves.

Passion, art and culture in the broadest sense of the word, from Cuba, a land rich in these essential ingredients, without which you cannot understand the history of our Habano.


27-28-29 June 2013. Matelica, Macerata, Italia.