Box code; AEM ABR14 size 46rg X 110mm figurado
Smoked on June 17, 2014 @ 3:20pm
A smooth light Colorado wrapper with some veining and it’s nicely rolled, and nicely packed.
Aroma at cold was barnyard as soon as the tin was unsealed. The smell at the foot was of wet grasses and mild barnyard with sweet tobacco notes.
Clipped 1/4″ off the head, and the draw has perfect resistance.

Starts clean with easy ignition and the opening draws produce thick smooth smoke with toasted cereal grain tastes, and notes of sweet tobacco.
The retrohale has some force and a medium spice level adding bread and baking spice notes.
The building medium finish tastes of toasted grains and sweet tobacco.


Coming into the second portion, there is a decent nicotine lump developing putting the cigar at a medium strength for me.
This cigar really reminds me of what a good hybrid of a Siglo I and an H Upmann half corona might taste like.
The sweet grassiness of Cohiba combined with the bread dough baking spice of H Upmann.

Toward the end, the grassiness is dissipating, while a mild earthiness replaces it and the rest of the flavors tend to darken just a bit.
This cigar surprised me and I met it without any outside influence on flavours
The burn was fantastic, and the draw only tightened up a touch toward the end. No bitterness throughout, no harsh notes, and while it wasn’t an overachiever in transitional flavours, the tastes it provided were pleasant until the nubbed end.
I took my time and smoked this tiny cigar for 50 minutes and enjoyed it all.
Coming in at the same size (only as a figurado) as the HUHC, but at a lesser price, I am eager to try many more, age some, and smoke dozens.
If these stay consistent, they will likely replace the Cuaba Divinos in my rotation, as I am sick of the plugged ones, but I do like a small figurado in my winter quick smoke rotation.
I look forward to the other two vitola from this refurbished marca.