Certainly the look of this cigar is very interesting, is a laguito no.2 vitola.

the pre-light has notes of leather and some wood.
The cut begins with punch and the combustión was quickly because of his size.

The first puffs give me notes of nuts accompanied by notes of white pepper with a bit of astringency through the nose, this vegueros certainly started with meduim-high straight. In the middle of this third the nuts are more powerful and some chocolate notes comes in the retrohaling with floral notes in the palate.

To enter the second third the notes decrease in the notes of nuts and chocolate, white pepper and floral increased slightly , half of this third i experiment combustion problems but nothing big. The Pepper is present all the time at this point.

For the last third the notes are very similar, without evolution. You may wonder and cause some discontent the no-evolution, but we must remember that this is not a premium cigar.
The smoke on the palate becomes very soft and envelops the mouth with great pleasure.
To finish the third there is an increase in nuts and white pepper accompanied.

No doubt, the cigar has a vintage feel, the lack of evolution in the smoke can become tiresome, but, again, is not a premuim cigar.
Smoking time: 70min. which was satisfactory, but not amazing. Perhaps many expectations in this Vegueros 98.

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