I have been eagerly awaiting this release since i first read of its conception last June.


I went for a visit at a local B&M, in Calgary, and spotted the box of 10 before it was even unpacked from the days shipment. I coerced the shopkeep to cough up the box and i quickly cut the stickers, took a long deep smell, and started to make my selection, while my friend figured out what they would sell for.


I picked the third from the left.

From the box, and the foot, sweet tobacco, fresh barnyard, and once clipped, it produced an easy draw.

Toast, and light.


Straight out of the gate this cigar is Robaina! Leather, and mild coffee are the initial very well balanced flavors, with a mild strength and medium finish. This cigar is showing youth, but only slightly, with no harshness, or traces of ammonia, just quick flavor shifts. I am greeted with a faint nuttyness, and warm milk.


Into the second.

Oh, the leather! Tastes of cedar develop in a very well balanced delivery for a cigar that was boxed about a month ago. The thick, lush smoke picks up strength to almost a medium by this point, and the coffee taste is getting stronger, but still very smooth.


At the half, I hit a rough patch. Dark black soil, and the retrohale is getting rough. Could this be youth rearing up? Or a bad stem or leaf? Whatever it was, it snuffed the cigar on me! Dammit!

Relight, and purge at the halfway point.

The strength picks up to a medium plus, and I am pulling nuts, more coffee, and a bit of salt on the lips.

I have to quit messing around on IG, and pay attention to this cigar! I give it a touchup and another purge, and its building power like a freight train!



Into the final, no huge changes, but such a buttery smooth smoke. A mild anise is starting in the retrohale, and Mmmm butter! What a finish!

Such a wonderful two hours and fifteen minutes!


I need boxes!