Brand: Vegas Robaina

Name: Petit Robaina

Size: Petit Edmundo

Length: 110 mm

Gauge: 52

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban

The Petit Robaina is a short chubby cigar, very well built and the wrapper is what I would consider a typical Robaina colour. The wrapper leaf is absolutely perfect and has no ugly veins or anything I can see being a problem. The double bands are applied well, no sticking to the wrapper in any places.  I always find to be a bit of a problem with any double banded cigars is the higher chance at the wrapper cracking during removal. These 2009’s are a favourite of mine from the Canadian regional’s made so far.  2009 is a special year to me, and I figured why not smoke one for my daughters first day of junior kindergarten as it is the year she was born.


After a cut, warm cocoa, gingerbread and the wonderful sweet tobacco flavours come to my attention.  A strong cedar note is found in the finish, but that pretty standard amongst this marca. The draw is excellent, just the right amount of resistance, just the way I like it. A quick light and we are off, the smoke has a bit of spice to it, really coats your mouth. Dense thick, full flavoured smoke, the classic barnyard combination is definitely present. I am also finding a nutty essence, from peanut to a more complex and deep almond like flavour. Some coffee, and some sweet cocoa notes, almost like a bicerin.

The ash holds well into the second third, which flavour wise is very similar to the opening, but it does gain a bit of  a spicy twist to the already very defined flavour. About half way into the cigar, the aroma is very floral and reminds me a bit of a Romeo y Julieta. The cigar is evolving well, and becoming much more complex as time goes on, these have really become outstanding since their release a few years back. The nuttiness really shines here in this second third.


Into in the final stretch, the burn continues to be amazingly sharp. The barnyard flavours come out again and really make the cigar go full circle so to say. Strong espresso tartness come to light, it’s as if the sweetness as left all together.  I am not complaining one bit as full savoury earth hits my palate. A blast of pepper hits during the finish and the nuttiness is gone all together.  As it reaches a finish, I would say it’s a pretty medium bodied cigar. The flavours are true to the Vegas Robaina marca. The cigar overall was fantastic and only gaining complexity as it ages.  A few more years of rest and these will be treasured smokes as the already defined notes change to become more distinct.

Final Score 94/100