To whom it may concern

Ok cigarians, I m Zizuzi2000.

I m Italian, cigar aficionado and before of posting reviews I d like to explain my new method for judging cigars.

Since It takes a lot of effort to review the cigars because too much details and variants to consider, I often lose the attention to the masterpiece I m smoking.

Therefore, I m now opting for pen and paper. I found an useful form published in Italian by Cigar Club Association that I tried to translate for you, for easy reference. You can download it here.


And here below it is my post-review that is summarizing as much as I putted in the paper:

Tatuaje RC 184

2nd Febr 2013
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Brand: Tatuaje
Cigar (Vitola de Salida) RC 184
Shape (Vitola de Galera) Figurado
Price: 20$
Size: 184mm (7 1/4) x 57 ring gauge
Manufacture: Totally hand made (TL=long filler)
Code and Production Date: RC (Retro Cuban) 184 – 2005

Wrapper Colorado Maduro, brown tones, bright, looking smooth and uniform. It was oily to the touch.
The construction was excellent and the filler was regular. the stick was without spots or soft parts.
Medium strength smelling of cedar and roasted coffee aromas were present also in the cold draw

The draw was excellent and the burn line was shaped (razor shape).
the ashes were compacted,  light grey color.

The start was very spicy and a bit Tannic and sour
The centre was pretty sweet
The final was well balanced between sweet and spices flavours.

The first third had Cedar, Pepper, spices, lather and hints of coffee. Spices in the retrohale.
The second third introduced herbs and hearty aromas. I found toasted nuts and lemon tea. Retrohale fresh and only a bit spiced.
The last section went back to the aromas given in the first third but the freshness taken in the second third remained in the palate.

Medium strength body.

Organoleptic property
Excellent quality. The smoke was Armonic (very well balanced), with good complexity. The long smoke was developing excellent.

Final thought
Smoking time was 2 hours
The cigar is for connoisseurs, better smoke it on afternoon and pairing of with brandy or cognac Armagnac. Rate quality/price is good. I don’t recommend to ageing this cig, it is good like it is. The production is limited and I wouldn’t suggest any investment

Final score
Final score is 4 (good) but Ok!! Very exciting for me.

It’s a cigar for me, another good blend by Don Pepin for Pete Johnson line. I liked the flavors  and aromas variations as well as the excellent construction. Maybe a bit expensive and not a cigar that can be impressed in my mind for ever.



Tatuaje RC 184