Today I am going to do a review which is slightly different. Instead of focusing on an individual cigar, this review is of the “experience”

Why do we enjoy cigars as much as we do? Is it for relaxation? Taste? Pleasure? Or is it for nicotine?

For me the experience of smoking a good cigar is something a little more. It starts with my 1st ever cigar which I enjoyed after winning a national title. After the medal ceremony a team mate asked, “what should we do tonight?” my response “Adam, we should get some Cuban cigars sit on the beach drinking and smoking away!”

So to me a cigar is always linked in someway to this,  cigars equal victory, success, winning!

When I sit down to smoke, I follow a ritual. Everything must be clean and tidy; I do not want to move once I start smoking, so generally a bottle of alcohol goes out side to the table along with Ice water and an espresso. My cigar, ashtray, cutter and lighter all placed in front ready for their daily work and most importantly the music is readied! My Cigar Playlist has a variety laid back relaxing music mostly centred on Otis reading / Al Green / Curtis Mayfield. However once I am seated and ready to light up, every cigar always starts with Chan Chan by Buena Vista social club.

This preparation time (which clearly includes taking a picture or two) has a centring effect on me! The workday and its problems are put aside! Stresses are left at the door. This is me time! And no drama is allowed please!

I snip the cap, toast the foot then take in a large savouring puff ! Hold it and once it is exhaled I am lost! The flavours and aroma, the relaxation and pleasure to me all taste like success should. Sweet and enticing, craving for more but yet! Completely content in what this moment has given me.

You do not smoke a great cigar you experience it! It takes you on a journey through thoughts and conversations, laughter and relaxation. A great cigar will always provide you with thoughts of: “I don’t want this to end!” “I wish I had more” but then quickly bring you back to the present with a new burst of flavour. A hint of coffee or a kick of spice!

There is never an awkward silence when a great Cigar is present! The smoke fills all voids. It will mesmerise you and capture your drifting thoughts. To me there is something primal here! The hunter / gatherer instinct! Along time ago the ability to create and maintain fire set us apart, and here I am fire in hand, tasting success and all that it brings.

“Hasta la victoria, Siempre!”


PS. I smoked an H Upmann mag 50 while writing this and it was great 😉