Vitola: Toro Grande Natural

Wrapper: Connecticut Ecuador Sol

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Mild-Medium


The Cabaiguan is another Tatuaje from Pete Johnson cigar. Blended by Don Pepin Garcia at the El Rey de los Habanos factory. Combining the talents of master Cuban cigar blender Don Pepin Garcia and Pete Johnson, this is a over all a great cigar and a must try in my personal opinion. The cigar,was named after the the town of Don Pepin’s birth in Cuba. It features a Connecticut seed shade-grown Ecuadorian wrapper, which surrounds Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves which if you enjoy some spice and complexity, but prefer a more mild-medium bodied cigar, you’re going to really love this cigar.The Cabaiguan Guapo series filled the number seven slot in the list of Best Cigars of 2011 by Cigar Aficionado. I first discover this cigar by my boyfriend who is the one responsible for over all introducing me to cigar’s in the first place. He is a big fan of Tatuaje cigars and when he introduced me to this one I can see why. Being that Im more of a medium body this was perfect for me to smoke and has now become the regular smoke in my humidor.


Flavor: The Flavor of the earthiness of a Nicaraguan cigar, the creaminess of an Ecuadorian Connecticut, the spiciness of a Don Pepin Garcia blend…and a mild-medium body which is perfect for my personal choice. The complexity on this stick is absolutely incredible for a medium smoke. The first third of the smoke brought a shot of spice which moved into a nice creaminess. The second third brought on a touch of body with a very coated and long finish that was very pleasing to the palette. This cigar is very earthy, yet very refined at the same time. It is also incredibly creamy, woody, and nutty. There is a constant, undefinable spice undertone like a very woody flavor. The final third continued the notes of cream, woody and earthy flavor with a slight return of spice. Great flavor transitions, perfect balanced cigar and good consistency. My favorite part of this cigar is that for being a girl the after taste is not bad where I actually enjoy the taste in my tongue, along with the creaminess of the cigar.

Conclusion: Over all this cigar has become one of my favorites from the earthiness of a Nicaraguan cigar, the creaminess of an Ecuadorian Connecticut, and the spiciness of a Don Pepin Garcia which is perfection in my eyes. Everything from my first look at the cigar to the finish of my smoke I was really pleased. I highly recommend this cigar for the occasional smoker who enjoys a Mild-Medium body. The ash felt off after half of hour into me smoking, and since I have smoke this it hasn’t turn off on me whether its just relaxing or while playing golf. Those who look for a Mild-Medium cigar I will highly recommend this.