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First of all i would like to thank you for reading and enjoying our reviews & experiences.

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Let me introduce myself. Some of you know me on instagram (burakaydik), I am Burak, 30 years old business developer & cigar enthusiast from Istanbul, Turkey.

I am writing this post to thank you & celebrate the first month of Cigarians Magazine. I hope this post would answer some of the questions about this community magazine.

I would also like to thank my wife, Özge (sarimeret), having always supported me and Cigarians magazine


What Cigarians stands for?

It’s more than a coined word, “Cigarians” is a brotherhood started by Ahmed (cigarpalace1) from Abu Dhabi, to unite and spread this love of cigars and keep this culture alive. Cigarians stands for a great community and subculture created and perpetuated by Ladies and Gentlemen.


Why are we doing this?

I have been enjoying very good reviews and insights on some magazines,websites,blog written by valuable people and then i met wonderful people from around the world who had built a perfect community on Instagram. I have come to realise the insights of these wonderful people and their experiences are much more valuable for me so we decided to publish this magazine in order share these values with others.

We would like grow this passion by sharing all experiences both good and bad. Every experience shared on this magazine is yours and published by you wonderful people. Soon we will have contests, events, gatherings & suprises for you!

Don’t forget, you can share your reviews and experiences with other Cigarians too! You may also write in your mother tongue!

Please also note that Cigarians Magazine is non-profit, voice of the people magazine with no advertising manner.


Who are these wonderful people?

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In-House over opinionated Australian


First Review – 2012/10/30  

Perfect Smoke, Bahrain (perfectsmoke)


Top Contributors – Rated as more than 5 reviews

Heiko Blumentritt, Switzerland (eldondo)

Nick Shaw, England (nshawsy)


Kevin Grim, (kgrim79)

Joseph Galbraith, Canada (galbratov)

Humidor Muse, USA (humidormuse)

Cigar_Afternoon, USA

Ryan Sutherland, Canada (ryebuilt)

Jonatan Ortiz, USA (jdub_31)

Jody Hill, Canada (ezekielproductions)

Consuelo Serna, USA (consuelo_23)

Marlon, USA (aluxnahual)

Bill Twain, USA (professortwain)


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