Make: Tatuaje

Size: Grand Corona ;Corona Gorda

Length: 5 5/8” or 143mm

Gauge: 46

Country: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Tatuaje is a fantastic brand, and Pete Johnson really does a great job of bringing a true “cubanesque” flavour to his brown label blends. I was excited to try these 7th Capa Especial mostly because of the Sumatran wrapper used. I find that it really brings out a nice contrast in flavours compared to the other Brown Label cigars. The 2012 Cojonu selection are a great example of what I mean.  Try to sample them side by side and you can really taste the flavour I am talking about.

To begin the cigar is a nice light brown with a fair bit of veins covering the wrapper. There is a bit of tooth to the it but most notable are the veins.  A triple cap provides that classic Cuban look to the cigar.  The foot shows a well bunched cigar which is very well constructed and also is double banded. The traditional Tatuaje Brown Label followed by a classy white band with gold trim.  In gold print are the words ‘Capa Especial’. The foot smells of spice and a bit like leather.  I paired this with a Canadian whisky, Forty Creek, and some coke.

Once cut I taste a very mild tobacco flavour, coupled with some fantastic barnyard like tastes and a slight bit of spice on the lips from the wrapper.  Upon lighting my first impressions are very good, I am greeted with a nice punch of pepper on the lips but mostly I taste that classic Montecristo-like flavour of damp tobacco fields and wet cedar. Now while I love Montes, this Tatuaje takes it to another level in my opinion. The flavours coming off the cigar during the first half are amazing.

Once I reach the middle there is a build up of flavours. The tobacco is a nice smooth creamy smoke, and a majority of the spice has died down, don’t get me wrong there is still some spice to the palate, but nothing like Tatuaje is known for.  There begins to be an almost bitter orange to the lips during the middle.  This provides a nice change to the flavour while also making it a bit more full bodied but it’s gradually building it’s strength.  This cigar really has some legs to it, and will age well. I have a box that I got my hands on and am very happy with the quality of each of the cigars.

The final third is a real bomb, as it becomes a more full bodied cigar. The spice kicks back in and it’s almost an explosive peppery flavour that doesn’t give you any harsh or burnt after flavour. The smoke is still very cool and enjoyable. Some other flavours I can taste are a bit of leather on the exhale and that citrus, orangey flavour has seemed to just linger around only showing itself occasionally.  These are definitely a cigar to try if you like the Tatuaje brand or enjoy Cubans. I feel PJ is doing an incredible job with the brand and how he’s built a very very successful brand. I rate these a 92

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