… I will go to Santiago …

It was 1515 when the vanguards who were in eastern Cuba saw the horizon of a new city, which would have served at that historical moment as capital for the domains in the Island.

It was so named in honor of Santiago the Apostle, which privileged position would have served to keep the strength of Spanish colonial power for a long time in that area, the eastern part of Cuba.

There, among the green and magnificent mountains the conqueror had found everything he was in need for a life-long experience, experience which today boasts nearly 500 years, birthday that will be completed in a few months, and for which the capital of eastern Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, has the luxury to offer to those who visit and those who wish so anywhere in the world, the most authentic of the things we have.

That nectar vital for many people in the city, which includes the best of and defines it as nothing, the excellence that the inhabitants have achieved in its production, which is nothing but the most genuine expression of more than a century and a half of real commitment.

Born of an essential duty for every resident of the heroic city, to give the best of themselves to their homeland and to all those who wish, in intimate communion of souls and spirits, sharing the wisdom that comes from the best aged rum, this city, the cradle of Ron Ligero, is able to hoard, protect and evolve, as a tribute to the land full of green reeds and unique molasses offering with the only claim to love it, the best thing that it is able to give to those who carry it in their hearts.

… I will go to Santiago ….

Because you do not make five hundred years every day, because there is not a chance to celebrate something if there is not the right time and the precise moment that occurs when a key date arrives.

Which certainly represents a milestone in the life of the heroic city, but not before all this is clear to anyone who visits Santiago, the city that is as unique as its rum ligero resting for a long time inside old warehouses that hold secrets also related to the rum itself, secrets of ancient foundations that have seen the sun for many decades.

Nearly century-old barrels that hide within themselves the truth of the story of the noble Cuban distillate, very old manor barrels, because over the years it has seen marked focus all the old wooden planks, a story of glory, success and awards and above all sacrifices, all aimed at achieving the goal of offering the best of themselves to those who bring to their mouth the pure extract of the soul of a city that is simply unique.

… I will go to Santiago …

Because Santiago, before anything else is rum ligero and this has reason to be in this city because it is spoken before anything else, in which the truth about the product is absolute, it is not debatable, as with the creator you cannot discuss.

Which houses the intimate conviction of possessing the pride of the birth of a product particular like no other, which marks particularly tanned skin of the character of santiaguero, expressed in similar occasions in which the city had to give the best of itself to achieve a goal for its people.

Based on the above, the city and its inhabitants cannot miss such a chance as the half millennium of its foundation, to attest its intimate communion with the product that best identifies it; someone asked some time ago what they will do for the 500th anniversary? For this reason, here comes the 500.

… I will go to Santiago …

Because only a city that has been able to create, enhance, enrich and protect like no other in Cuba Roneros and their knowledge, is able to produce such deep emotion that overwhelms you when you’re about to experience something special, something that sets a connection, a communion with a story entirely dedicated to the production of the best rum ligero.

Since its foundation, Santiago de Cuba was a melting pot of cultures and people from many parts of the world, where everyone has left his small contribution that is why it became what it is today.

Immigration was essential because this was the place of birth, the cradle of Cuban rum ligero, the genuine expression of the expertise of its people, and a culture that is firmly clings in time to the best of our traditions, collecting as part of uninterrupted work for more than a century and a half.

They were fully dedicated to the development of the best rum, flagship of the country, from the best Cuban molasses, born from sugar cane grown in the soil of the province, and that for their exceptional quality and unique features at the chemical level.

They are able to provide producers a raw material of the highest class, which was later transformed from distilleries that from 1862 settled in the city, and that contributed to the recognition it enjoys today as the best producer of rum in Cuba ligero.

This multitude of different names, trademarks and Ronero’s masters are those who have built an unparalleled heritage in Cuba, allowing in this moment of bringing to light the most refined and exquisite of all the spirits that have been produced in any cellar of Santiago and throughout Cuba, with which it will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city and named Ron Santiago de Cuba 500.

You cannot get a rum that high bill in another place of the Greater Antilles, it is only possible in Santiago where they are stored the best Cuban reserves evolving for more than a century and a half, the ones that take place in a fully-fledged ‘Olympus of the largest rum Isla are grouped today under the Protected Designation of Origin Ron Cubano.

… I will go to Santiago …

Because the Santiago de Cuba 500 must be discovered and tested in that city, because the supreme joy deserves to know how to recognize excellence, surrounded by unparalleled charm of a city, without which it is impossible to define the essence of culture, society and the Cuban character.

The multiplicity of factors that make Santiago de Cuba extremely singular are also reflected in its rum and it could not be otherwise in this Santiago 500 more than anyone else.

Its temperature, high throughout the year, transforms the city into eternal summer, the relative humidity so high that influences everything that is produced in Santiago to the extent that it is made.

Its mixed culture and rich influences from all around the world, this together with extraversion, which is common in residents of Santiago, are things that allow you to distinguish and are reflected in everything that is produced in the city.

Santiago de Cuba 500 is multi-colored rum, a meeting ground in taste with all that is peculiar to the city that gave birth, a majestic tribute of Cuban workers to the site that gave an identity and a nature to their industry.

It is also a feast of sensations perceived on the palate like a majestic communion between sweet and aromatic, with its flavor that defines the very essence of the city, this essence of spices from various nuances that make it rich and unique.

A quality that this distillate brandishes like no other that ever left the old and glorious wineries of Santiago, which has given us such a treasure.

We say, in a manner typical of the purest ronero’s style “Take and drink, dance and enjoy, because I smell and the original flavor of exalted and privileged land as few other when talking about rum in the world”

… Yes, I will go to Santiago …

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