The Romeo Y Julieta is the Biggest of the the LE from their line (stated below). It is Slightly shorter than the Montecristo Sublimes.


Flavour – Medium to full (more medium)

Length – 5.5″

Ring gauge – 54


For me personally Romeo have released quite a few LE cigars but i prefer the Duke and Escudos!..

Appearance  –

What a stick to look at. Such a gorgeous shiny chocolatey wrapper. so dark and oily it almost a maduro colour but has this golden brown about it that makes it such an attractive smoke. If it was sat on the shelf with other smokes unbounded i reckon 9/10 you would pick the Duke.

Construction –

I have had this stick sat in my humidor a while so i was worried about uneven burn but i have to say i only had to correct the burn once. Again as i say in all my reviews, very tightly packed, typically cuban foot and a great cold draw.

The Flavour –

With it being such a large ring gauge the Duke gives off this wonderful aroma of Spices and a “fresh” tobacco smell. WONDERFUL!!! Once lit and away, the hints of cedar and leather notes kick in and hit the back of your throat making it tingle the cuban way.

The Value –

The Duke starts from around £20 – £27 depending on where you get in from in the UK. But i could honestly ay it is well worth the money. especially if you find them now. Nice bit of age to the stick but a great smoke from young.