The Romeo y Julieta Cazadores is a unique cigar. It is widely considered to be the strongest Cuban cigar. I have had some very strong Cazadores from a friend who had a box of 2001s. These cigars were strong enough to make a strong man quiver, and a weak man faint. The 2001s I smoked were high in strength, but developed a bitter taste near the end, and was light on flavor. But I have found that my 2009s are full flavored and have a medium nicotine kick.

The Cazadores come in a dress box, with the cigars wrapped in yellow ribbons inside of an aluminum foil pouch. The foil is intended to seal in the flavors and aromas. Indeed, a whiff of the inner pouch finds a rich aroma. The cigars in this 2009 box are not perfect. They have a few water spots on the wrapper. But they are superbly constructed and burn beautifully.

This cigar starts with a light toasty flavor and hints of cherry right from the start. As the cigar builds in strength, through the first half, this toasty flavor becomes stronger, and woody, fruity tastes come out nicely. The cigar builds in intensity during the final third. Rich stewed fruit and leather tastes predominate.

This cigar left me fully satisfied, with a strong but not overwhelming punch, and good flavors throughout. I got nearly two hours of smoking pleasure from this cigar. I feel that this is a classic Cuban cigar that every Cigarian should have a box of. I’m eager to see how these cigars further develop over time. A magnificent cigar that I enjoy sharing with friends.