First off thanks for taking the time to read my review, While this is only my second review ever, I am constantly learning and refining my personal pallet and tastes and really enjoy thinking through my cigars.  My collection of cigars and pipe tobacco ever growing and can’t wait for more, so here goes. Round 2…

Romeo y Julieta // 1875 Habana Reserve

I can’t say I held this particular cigar with any high regards sitting next to some fantastic and more prestigious options in my humidor but I thought I would give this one a go and write about it anyway.  I have to honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised…I had this aging in my humi for a year now and was due in my rotation for a relaxing smoke on my deck.

Lighting up this cigar, I was immediately hit with spicy pepper notes, with a bold retro hale. Right off the bat that took me off guard as I was expecting a flat start then settling into that kind of profile.  Very soon after though the spice did settle nicely into a much creamier earthy tobacco taste and carried for most of the first third.  I can’t quite pinpoint it but there was a nice subtle sweetness that followed the rich spice only starting as I headed into the second third.  As I got well into the second third, I noted that the spiciness subsides as the sweetness picked up for me.  I really couldn’t pinpoint what it was, maybe a honey like sweetness? either way what little sweetness there was, it was subtle and made way for more nutty/ hazelnut notes going into the last third.  The constant flavour throughout the whole cigar was a  earthy leathery tobacco that had a very nice creamy and strong finish.

The burn was even throughout the whole smoke and needed no touchups or relights from me but I did note a bit of a loose draw, I think due to a spongy soft structure of this cigar but over all nothing I complained about too much.  I really did enjoy this cigar and it was fantastic along side the coffee I was drinking.  Perhaps a nice white wine pairing would be a great option as well for this stick.  The medium body makes this a good option for an ‘everyday’ kind of cigar.  I would absolutely go for this fairly inexpensive option again.  I give this Romeo Habana Reserve 3.8 out of 5 stars.