PUNCH Rare Corojo

Travelling home to Canada from a trip to Bolivia last year, I had a layover for a few days in the sun in Miami.  As I wandered the city I stumbled upon a cigar shop downtown and my mouth watered as I spent an hour or so combing through the selections to refill my humidor back home. While in the shop there was another gentleman who popped in and recommended to me and try one of his favourites…A Punch Rare Corojo.  So I did pick up a pair of the Rothschild size and thanked him for his suggestion. I’m glad I did.  Today I enjoyed this one along with my father chatting and having a coffee on the patio this chilly December afternoon…

After snipping the cap, the pre light draw and smells intoxicated me with a wonderful sweet smelling tobacco.   It didn’t smell bold, rather light and refreshing.  It was a bang on draw and a beautiful construction as far as I was concerned.  I love the box press shape and this 4.5″ stick was a perfect smaller size for a mid afternoon break.  Lighting it up the first thing I took notice of was how full and creamy the smoke was…Delicious.  The first third of this cigar was a sweet tasting cedar flavor for me, with a very mild body & strength.

The second third of this cigar continued with this woody cedar taste as well as it did shift subtly by developing more of a sweet cocoa finish. The cigar however never strayed from a very rich and creamy smoke consistency.  The retro hale was so smooth and I didn’t note any spice nor harshness of any kind which I found very enjoyable.  I was smoking this with creamy medium roast coffee that I think paired very well and complimented the subtle sweetness and cream of the smoke.  If I was to pair this with any other drink I would stay away from anything bold that could easily overpower this stick.

The last third of the cigar continued again with a rich cedar taste but I lost the sweetness on the finish which I did very much miss from earlier.  The whole time I was always noting that this was such a mellow smoke and even in the last third stayed a mild/medium body of flavour and mild in strength. The cigar itself continued to evenly burn perfect to tight grey/white ash.

Overall this cigar wasn’t a full body as I typically prefer but was a welcome change indeed.  It wasn’t complex that kept me on my toes as i noted that there wasn’t much change through out the cigar stages.   What I loved was just how smooth and creamy this smoke was.  I really did enjoy this and is a great afternoon break with this particular size at 4.5″x50.  I would absolutely grab this stick again if I stumbled upon it in a shop as well as pass on the recommendation to another gentleman in the shop for him to try.  I give this Punch Rare Corojo 4/5 stars.