I smoked this cigar when it was really fresh, due to this the cigar was a bit on the wet side for my liking. I prefer them more on the dry side.

The color of the wrapper is light colorado with a nice shine.

The cold smell is leather, cedar and tobacco… surprisingly no ammonia….

The first third starts with a intensive cedar note, added by some cinnamon and dark roasted coffee… it’s hard at the limit to get bitter, but always staying good.

The second third gets really strong: tar (like a heavy peated Whisky) and leather… seems to be a men’s cigar.

The last third brings back the dark roasted coffee beans, joined by some dark chocolate. Tannic and earthy aromas coming up.

Smoking time was 90 minutes, had a very good smoke volume over the whole time… big’n’fat smoke….

I like this cigar, they will be great for sure after aging some years in the jar…