Well, how do you start talking about these?..


These cigars are one of the best around and they were made exclusively for the La Casa Del Habano.

For starters, the size and shape of the cigar are at the top of the cigar rollers tree. They are a Double Figuardo and they are the hardest to do so its a skill in itself just rolling them let alone the look, complexity and not forgetting the taste!!.

The Cigar weights in at:

Ring Gauge: 57
Cigar Length: 184 mm / inches
Body: Full

The leaves that have been used to roll this cigar have been brought from the best place in cuba… (sorry cant remember from off the top of my head)… just know its the best place!

Once lit, the cigar just overwhelms your pallet with amazing flavours and spices… once you get through the first third you are hit with a medium bodied spice and smoothness.

Once you hit the middle of the cigar, you start to get the real “Partagas” flavours, Real earthy, leathery and spicy tones!!.

Coming towards the end of the smoke (which you dont want to happen) you start to get hints of coffee and nuts which is an amazing way to end this wonderful cigar!!

For the Value of the cigar i think it is amazing, but it still is a tall price to pay. For a special occasion it is a must do purchase!!!