46 X 4½

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Box-pressed Natural

 A bit of background on this cigar: The 1964 Anniversary Series was introduced in 1994 to celebrate the company’s 30th year anniversary. The tobacco has been aged 4 years and the wrapper is Sun-Grown Natural. I normally pick up the Maduros as my palate gravitates towards strength, complexity and spice, but I figured this would be a bit out of my comfort zone and a fun review. I am pairing this cigar tonight with a DogFish Head 90 min. Imperial IPA, why might you ask? Well, no reason other than I have had a long month and it this pairing will hit the spot for me.

The cold draw immediately brings me to the mindset of what I am about to smoke. A hint of pepper and that unmistakable leathery taste of an unlit quality cigar are present.

The lighting phase is a bit bitter, a sure sign some aging was needed, but it dissipates fairly quickly and it settles after a few puffs. A peppery spice appears in the light up as well.

The first inch has allowed the cigar to settle in nicely and bring out smooth flavors. I am no longer picking up the pepper. The flavors that have emerged are cocoa and cedar. I believe this cigar’s sweet spot comes immediately after the first inch. I don’t want to stop puffing and I have to hold back from “hot boxing” it.

Into the 2nd third, this cigar is full speed ahead, perfect draw with lots of creamy, thick smoke and razor sharp burn lines. The retro hale brings out a sweet spice which I think is compared to what dried fruit would be. The ash is holding up impeccably and the strength of the cigar intensifies a bit.

In its last 3rd, the cigar has mellowed out quite a bit, not that it is not enjoyable at all but this late into the evening a maduro normally is calling my name. Sweet after taste of cocoa and woodsy notes are lingering and don’t seem to dim or defuse at all.

I have been smoking Padrons for a while now and can honestly say that they are one of my favorite brands. Padron cigars are synonymous with consistency and quality. I love knowing that no matter what mood, place or situation I am in, if I want a good cigar, I can always grab a Padron and satisfy my craving.