Well here goes my second review. The My Uzi Weighs A Ton by Subculture Studios and JDN. Picked this cigar up with high hopes and it made the cut. I have seen other people seem to like them and post pics of them up all the time so I figured it was my turn to burn one.

Upon buying this cigar i felt the construction was of good quality, had a very nice dark chocolate wrapper and a very nice firm feel with a nicely shaped cap and a nice flat foot. It’s of the 5″ x 60 gauge variety. A good non-burned aroma of sweet chocolate and oak. After a good inspection and a few minutes of getting a good feel for the cigar I gave it the cut and the pre-light. The first aromas I got after I lit the cigar was all oak and maple. The first few pulls on the cigar were easy and it has a very full drawl. It had a very nice oak and nutmeg flavor for the first 3rd of the cigar. The burn was nice and even and the ash was  nice light grey to white in color.

The second 3rd of the cigar was nothing but more creamy coffee bean and I got some Sprite like citrus after a big pull and a breath of fresh air in. It was rather delightful and a nice surprise because I never  have really had a cigar with a citrus flavor in it. The burn continued from here to be very even and the ash was still white in color and solid to the point where if I didn’t want to knock it off it would have held strong for the rest of the smoke I’m sure.

The last 3rd of the smoke was again very good with a mix of flavors that were espresso and coco with some pepper and spice undertones that left a tingle on the tongue. For a stick that was $10.40 it was a nice blend of flavors and a good burn that any cigar guy could enjoy. Medium to full bodied and gave me that little bit of light headiness that makes a cigar worth smoking.  I would rate this cigar about a 91 for my taste pallet. I would definitely smoke another and another ounce I figure out what I want to do to bring my humidor to a full status. I’m still learning and enjoying cigars and plan to have many more reviews on the cigars I buy. I think my next review is going to be the Asylum 7″ x 70 gauge I picked up just because it looked RIDICULOUS. Until next time good smoking to all.