Of course I’m Montecristo fan forever, this is one of the Cuban brands that shows consistency all the time. Including the No.2, 4, 5 & Edmundos, I recently fall in love with the Especiales No.2. This cigar come in the form of old school fashion “petit Lancero with pig tail cap”.


Few months ago I found a box from 2004 at La Casa Del Habano in JBR Dubai. They looked very dark, oil and fall in my “buy it” category.


Those are very complex smokes, loaded with many flavors like coffee, caramel, floral, wood, chocolate, olive oil “if you smoke vintage you understand” and of course pepper. The smoke come little bet thin but still in the medium – full of strength.


They take 45 minutes to one hour to smoke and they feel so elegant in hand. If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting!!, go ahead and smoke one.


Happy Smokes ,