After opening the box you only smell a very reserved odor of tabacco… even if you try to get the smell directly from the cigar, it’s very reserved…

Ok, light the fire and start it up…. but it continued what I had before… nearly no taste… but there was smoke, so the cigar seems to burn… After the first centimeter the cigar starts to unfold: roasted coffee, first very decent but getting more and more intensive, strong aromas of old and aged tobacco…. remember the library smell and taste… Hints of leather came to the surface…. The cigar needs time… it should be smoked very slowly that it don’t gets hot and bitter….

If you give this cigar the time that it needs, it’s opening and shows its hidden secrets…. at times it was flowery and in the last third it’s getting more powerful with leather, polished wood and tobacco.

As a liquid compensation I had (beside some still mineral water) a 18 yo.  Bunnahabhain which was complementary over the whole length of the cigar.

It was a pleasent and delightful smoke which I can repeat several times again…..