This is a tough one to review for me.

A unique perfecto size is beautifully crafted with an exaggerated pigtail seems fitting to the name. Very toothy Maduro wrapper with medium veins, and few flaws. Upon cutting a very easy draw reveals mild straw taste.

Toast, and light.

First off I get sweet chocolate and raisins, like a grownup version of Glosettes. That changes to more of a butter/honey atop slightly overdone graham cracker edges, dressed with hints of white, or pink ultra fine ground pepper.

From the start, this cigar smokes like it was dipped in fryer oil!

Into the second, as the strength builds heavily, I am getting hints of black tea, roasted rice, and the spice is building into more of a coarse ground black pepper.

These flavors take me well into the third, and a long finish of nuts and coffee are building on my palette.

This cigar puts out so much smoke, that my rings are blowing rings!

This wouldn’t be a daily smoke for me even if they were more readily available, but I definitely enjoy them whenever I light one up, and will never turn one down.

Long ashes, my friends!