Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium



La Aroma De Cuba Edicion Especial is a cigar manufactured in Nicaragua by the Jose ’Don Pepin’ Garcia for Ashton Cigars. Utilizing a Cuban-seed Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper with a Nicaraguan filler and binder. I got my hands on this cigar from my local cigar shop that honestly what caught my eye was the cigar band’s. Must be a girl’s thing to look at something that looks so pretty and to mention the EE on the band for special edition making it a must try in my books. La Aroma De Cuba EE  has two beautiful bands that are so easy to pick out from other cigars. The main one is original band with the addition of another women making it a pair  and the second band read’s EE for Edicion Especial (Special Edition). The Cigar is firm throughout and had zero soft spots, few veins but nothing hindering the cigar, and good draw not too lose or tight.


Flavor: The pre-light has a fairly tight draw with strong earthy notes. The burn was a little uneven at the beginning but  it self corrected itself.  The smoke was very creamy and smooth, creating a really nice light color ash. The first third of the cigar  I found the flavors  savory and earthy  with a good burst of cedar and a slight sweetness of cocoa and coffee. The second third continue to be savory with some sweetness of cinnamon and earthy flavor. Please note that I had to relight my cigar just before reaching my final third. The final third after relighting my cigar was a bit cedar and savory at first. More into  the last third the flavor finish with some cocoa and earthy flavors. The smoke continue to be really creamy and the burn was overall good. Taking me around one hour and half to smoke this cigar, enjoying the slight burst of sweetness and cinnamon flavors making it my favorite part of this cigar.




Conclusion: Overall this cigar is one that I will recommend and will continue to buy. The only thing that I didn’t like about this cigar was having to relight it just before beginning the final third. I don’t like relighting for the simple matter that I feel like at times my cigar changes flavor and I don’t get the same flavors as to smoking it straight through. Aside from that the cigar was good all around from look, feel, smoke, ash, and the price. I love the detail in the bands and to include the second band for special edition makes it even more special. If your looking for a medium cigar with savory, cedar, sweet cocoa and slight cinnamon flavors you will love this cigar. Being manufactured by Don Pepin Garcia this is another must try cigar in my books.