I smoked this cigar back in 2010 but obviously it got a lot of views on my  blog over the last weeksm therefore I post it here too to share it.

Very pleasant cold smell…. coffee, tobacco, wood… slightly oily wrapper with a lot of significant veins…

The first puffs of the first third are very pleasant, smooth and creamy, reminding me of a Latte Macchiato…. but out of a sudden it’s getting extremly woody. Sawdust… very dry… drying out the mouth….

Also the second third is dominated by very woody flavors, from time to time it’s getting tannic.

In the last third there is a lot of ammonia and it’s getting a bit harsh… but: the last inch is surprisingly smooth and creamy again… really strange….

I think that this cigar needs definetly a lot of more time, it would be a waste to smoke them now. If you have a box of those, let them rest for some years, before you think of smoking them.


P.S.: Obviously the picture upload does not work for me right now, you can find this review including the referring pic also here: http://bit.ly/JL_Seleccion_Suprema