Vitola: Petit Robusto1
Length: 10.1 cm
Gauge: 50
Strength: Mild to Medium
Smoking Time: 40 minutes

I have received a collection of specially selected unique cigars to taste from my friend Ercan owner of Cigar Store Hazar, Vienna lately. All the cigars are in perfect condition and i love his wide collection.

I like the complexity of small cigars. They always need more attention and have surprises but this one made me worry about that because it was too open at cold.

When i lit this petit, lots of spices came out and draw became excellent. After a few minutes this smoke generator excellently developed itself and became leathery, woods and slight sweet vanilla with hints of white pepper. I really enjoyed every smoke of this. I paired it with colombian coffee and cold water.


This perfectly constructed silky wrapper cigar is a good journey for all seasons and it definitely deserves to be in your humidor.

It perfectly meets it’s name “Ideales”.

JL_Ideales JL_Ideales_Nubbed