Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown Sumatra

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Honduras & Nicaragua

Strength: Medium


J.Fuego Edición De Familia is their first  higher priced premium cigar thats is now available. The Ecuadorian Sun Grown Sumatra wrapper is the youngest leaf used in the cigar, having been aged for 10 years. I first picked up on this cigar from my local cigar shop who let me know that they had just arrived. When I walked over I noticed 3 different choices the Robusto, Belicoso Fino and the one I got Toro. The reason I got the Toro cigar was due to being box pressed and for those who know me will know that those are my favorite  body type of cigars. This cigar is smooth with minimal veins and with two gold and red color bands. One on top with the name  J.Fuego Edición De Familia and the bottom one with the year 2012.



Flavor: The pre-light has sweetness with some cinnamon, not so spicy, and earthiness with a slightly tight draw. The first third of the cigar to about midpoint I got a good amount of a sweet cinnamon earthiness flavor which for being a women it was enjoyable. If anyone who has had J.Fuego cigars will see the difference when they try  Edición De Familia due to the flavors being more easy and sweet going specially at the beginning making it a good cigar to try in this time of the season. Definitely having its own spot on the other cigars by J.Fuego. The second third of this cigar I was able to get a bit more spicy and earthiness to it. By this time 27 minutes in to my cigar my ash finally felt off, leaving a still intact ash on the floor. I been getting more of a spicy taste by the second third of the cigar. The final third of this cigar finishes with a completely different flavor that it had begin with. I got a stronger earthiness mixed with a spicy flavor. The change in the flavor was what end up throwing me off a bit due to the sweetness and cinnamon I got at the beginning, which your able to pick up on right away. The burn was uneven at the beginning but it self corrected, with out a need of touch ups.


Conclusion: Overall this cigar was something new for me to try. Very different from the other J.Fuego cigars and one that I will probably let it sit in my humidor for a good period of time before smoking it again. The change of flavor was something I wasn’t expecting and definitely a cigar to make sure you take your time and enjoy, so you can taste the different flavor’s it has to offer. Being the premium cigar from J.Fuego I can see having potential in the future and I will be looking forward to his once a year release due to enjoying the sweetness at beginning. It took me about an hour to finish my cigar and the ash and smoke were overall good. If your looking for a sweet cigar with a surprise of spice at the end you will enjoy this Edición De Familia cigar.