Ok cigarians,
I m back with my 2nd review.

At Dubai airport walk-in humidor I found several boxes of Juan Lopez Coronas.
This cig had been dismissed on 2006 and the available boxes were there since. All the boxes are marked 2003. So, after almost 10 years of rest and for a cheap prices I decided to give a chance of revaluating the mistreated (by others, not me) JL Coronas.

Juan Lopez Coronas

After smoking some of them I can say that the JL Coronas is a good cigars, good quality and accessible to all, medium strength and cheaper price.

Construction is not the best but the draw is good and the ash well compacted.

Not so much development in aromas but the flavours are passing from salty/bitter to spicy/tannic from the start to the end.

As I said, the strength is medium and wood, vegetal (undergrowth), herbs, bread and vanilla are characterising the smoke. Scents of old tobaccos and some flavourless steps were coming along the 2nd third.

The best is in the final, I liked the pepper and the spices that were almost vacant in the rest of the smoke.

Just for keep you on training, I m summarising as much as I put on Cigar Review Form that you can find in my previous review (to whom it may concern)

Cigar Review Form
7th Febr 2013
Country of Origin: Cuba
Brand: Flor de Juan Lopez (Juan Lopez)
Cigar (Vitola de Salida) Coronas
Shape (Vitola de Galera) Coronas
Price: 5€ at duty free
Size: 142mm x 42 ring gauge
Manufacture: Totally hand made (TL=long filler)
Code and Production Date: AXC Jun 2003

Wrapper Colorado, red tones, bright, looking slightly rough and quite uniform. It was oily/greasy to the touch.
The construction was good and the filler regular. the stick was without spots or soft parts. Slightly box pressed
The smell was not so strong of hay and wood. Hay and wood present also in the cold draw

The draw was good and the burn line was shaped (razor shape).
The ashes were compacted,  light grey colour.

The start was salty and softly bitter
The centre was salty and softly sweet, then… bitter and somehow spicy
The final became spicy and a bit tannic until the dry closure.

The first third got wood, vegetal, A bit of earth and hints of old tobacco scents.
Soft aroma of wood in the retrohale.
The second third added herbs and vanilla but lost Earthy flavour. The herbs and vegetal aromas were more intense. Retrohale a bit spiced.
The last section got more intense aromas, the hints of bread replaced the vanilla and the pepper was tinkling my tongue.

Medium strength body (mild to medium along the 2nd section of cig)

Organoleptic property
Medium quality. The smoke was balanced and not so complex. The medium-long smoke was developing good.

Final thought
Smoking time was 1 hour
The cigar is for all cigarians including beginners. the cigar could be smoked all the time and  pairing of with beer or refreshing cocktails. Rate quality/price is good. I don’t recommend to ageing this cig more than 10 years, it’s starting to loose flavour intensity. The production is dismissed and I wouldn’t suggest any investment, only buy and smoke them

Final score
Final score is 4 (good) and not very exciting for me.

for such price this cig is becoming your best friend, to meet every day. Find the box, open it and smell it. If the cigars are well preserved, they will tell you some magic stories.

photo 2

Stay tuned