Back in January a guy on Instagram called out a little contest, I stepped in and won the following cigar (accompanied by two buddies): Flor de Farach Conchas from the 1930s.
Due to my time in New Zealand and some other circumstances after my return I was not able to have the right atmosphere to care of this excellent vintage cigar. It’s one of those numerous pre-revolution brands which has vanished and it’s really hard to find any information about it in the world wide web… and just take care not to mix them up with cigars of the same name made in Florida, this one is a Cuban, pre-embargo cigar.
The Conchas is a perfecto-shaped cigar which seemed to be very popular back in those days… extremly box-pressed (even after being stored in a tube for at least 6 months), packed in a yellow cello… approx. 80 yo… wow, that’s awesome!


I’m surprised about the intensity of the smell, intensive tobacco, old paper, wood and leather… some kind of musty smell in the background but it’s not unpleasant, just another indication that it’s a really old cigar.

I fired it up carefully with a soft flame, clipped the head (yes, I still use the Methode de Jacques Puisais) and took the first puffs… I got a full fist of vintage flavor: old paper, leather, wood… later joined by mushrooms and green tea. It was the most intensive vintage flavor I ever had. Unbelievable that you can get that kinda intensity outta an old cigar like that. Truly amazing!


During the second third the paper, leather and wood notes step a little bit in the background, but they’re still present. White pepper is peaking, bites in the nose while exhaling… and there’s a remarkable aroma of vanilla. The intensity bottomed out… but that’s not negative because it’s still on a very intensive level compared to cigars from the actual decade.


During the last third the leather is coming back, there’s still some peppery aroma… a taste of bitter-sweet is coming up, there’s some orange cest in the taste… wow, really amazing.

Burn and draw where perfect during the whole smoking time of 70 minutes. The cigar itself is one if those which dryed my mouth extremely out, therefore I drank a lot of water during that fantastic smoke. I was definitely a great experience.


What an outstanding vintage cigar!