The cigar itself had a colorado-colored, fine and little shiny wrapper. There is a decent smell of oak and flowers….
Lighting up, cutting and taking the first puff: wow… very much smoke for such a thin cigar… I’m impressed…. draw is tight, but for luck not too tight.
The first third comes along with a mixture of cedar and honey….. and after the first puffs with an explosion of very bloomy aromas…. like walking through a flower meadow in springtime when everything is in blossom.
With an intensive caramel flavor which switches over to some earthiness in the second third which is complemented with leathery notes…. the honey which was there in the beginning is still there…. faded a bit sometimes but was never completely away….
The last third was very complex and filled with strong aroma: oak, leather and earth are the main components… but again there was some bloominess, hints of cinnamon and liquorice which made it a perfect balance.
Wow, a very nice cigar, smoking time was 135 minutes…… I just saw that I have a box of them sitting in my humidor. They’re from 2006, I think I’ll let them rest for a longer time before I take them out to smoke….