The wrapper of this more than 20 yo cigar is colorado-colored, very fine, a little bit shiny. The rolling seems to be perfect (and later on I can find a perfect draw).

The smell of decent oak wood and pure tobacco is very pleasant.

So, let’s fire up that lil’ baby. The first draws reveal a very intensive and strong taste. Wow… I hadn’t expected it by a cigar of that age which is also said to be on the light side. Flavors of roasted nuts and coffee, wood, tobacco and leather are present from the very beginning. It starts with a beat of the drum! The combination is very well balanced and the flavors get more intensive and fade away in a very interesting interaction.

The second third is mainly characterized by woody and herbal components… sometimes a aroma of mushrooms joins…..

The last third shows what it really is: tobacco, pure tobacco. And that is the taste… old, pure tobacco… to be honest: that’s what I would expect, ’cause in the end it is just a cigar.

The smoke was very thick, creamy… almost fat! The draw was perfect over the whole smoking time of 80 minutes, the burn-off was ruler-straight.

I’m happy that I opened the box. The cigar was a dream, is very tasty and good to smoke. I don’t know how it will be in future if would rest still more years. I don’t care about it and just enjoy the moment!