A lot of people have compared, if not judged this cigar to the Montecristo No.2. I felt as though this should not be the case.


The Diplomáticos is quite a new cuban cigar compared to all the other brands out there, Cohiba, Monty etc.. so because of this it is quite rare to see. There is only 3 vitolas in the range. The no 2. no 4 & no 5.

Length: 6.1″

Shape: Pyramid

Ring gauge:52

The Appearance –

The initial look of the cigar drew my attention first. The wrapper isn’t the best i have ever seen, lots of large veins and a rough wrapper. But mainly the worst thing was the way the cap was finished, Like they didnt care about presentation. Wish i had taken a photo to show you guys. It was all loose and was just like they threw it on.


Flavour –

The initial pre draw of the cigar was cold, if that makes sense and a taste of dust and mud (slightly earthy also) Once Lit, there were some hints of sweetness and chocolate but that kept coming and going throughout the smoke.


Value –

Recommend a Montecristo No.2 for your money to be honest. I am not saying this is a bad smoke but just would prefer to pay a little extra for a better cigar.