Sorry for not posting for so long my fellow Cigarians i can’t begin to tell you how busy i have been. Not to worry though there will be a flood of images and write ups coming your way!!
The Diplomaticos Colleccion Privada is the first ever regional release for Diplomaticos and it was released in Spain around November/December 2012..
Name : Petit Robusto
Length : 102mm
Ring Gauge: 50
The cigar comes in boxes of 10 and the price of them is amazing!!! £110 a box to be precise!!..If you can get the chance to get a box, GET 2!!
The cigar gives of amazing aromas off per light and also throughout the smoke. The flavours consist of Dried fruit and cedar.. WONDERFUL!!!
Unfortunately there isn’t a lot to say about this as it is a very new and rare cigar to get in the UK..