On the appearance the wrapper on this cigar is no oily,  is a little rough and not “very pleasing to the eye, but it is pleasing to the eye as the petit bouque vitola, also denotes a certain mastery of the torcedor.

On pre light notes gives me weet earthl and grain, perhaps specifying I dare say it was wheat.

I decided before light this cigar i split into 2 parts and not three, as I feel that the assessment for 3/3 does not give much for the size of the cigar.


1st half:

The lighting is quite easy and it has a small tip, the draw is a bit tight because of the shape of it, after a few puffs the draw is opening and began with subtle notes of young leather to the step nose and nutty notes on the palate, a hint of sweetness encounter which is too subtle for scoring that is, in the half of the 1st half is added cedar with a small increase in strength, which feel medium body, and to end the first half, cocoa notes emerge leather accompanied more present.

2nd half:

at the beginning of this half still rulers leather notes and feel an increase in leather and a decline in cocoa. a few puffs after, white pepper notes and some wet ground and noticed a slow in deciphering toasted and almost coming to the end of the smoke I discover a smokey wood.


Definitely a cigar is very gratifying, enjoyable? enough! a little pricey but putting it in perspective, the torcido justifies its price. As a friend says: a Russian roulette, because this cigar just as I had disappointments, but when it goes well, is a delight with a tremendous boom in Cuban soil mouth.