Hello my fellow #Cigarians, I’m posting my first review on an all-time and personal favorite of mine: the Cohiba Siglo VI.

As all of you surely know, the Siglo VI is part of the Linea 1492 from world-renowned Cuban Cigar manufacturer Cohiba, launched in 1992 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the ‘New World’ and Cuba.

The Siglo VI appeared some time after the launch of Linea 1492, some authors say it became available in early 2003 but the Habanos, S.A. website states it debuted in 2002, and has since been under regular production, for my personal satisfaction, and for everyone’s enjoyment .

The Siglo VI is available in ‘Cañonazo‘ format with the following specifications:

Length: 150 mm     Ring Gauge: 52     Weight: 15 grams

The Siglo VI has a robust construction that feels comfortable in your hands. With a big boss cigar feel, its letting you know before hand that you are in for a treat. It’s caramel-colored wrapper smells of leather and reminds me of a damp earth smell.

After cutting my cigar I take a cold draw and immediately the flavors jump, there’s a very noticeable woody taste. At igniting the cigar the smoke is thick and creamy and the draw is smooth, the flavors are complex and earthy with a mix of cedar and coffee.

As I get through the first 1/3 and on to the 2/3 the flavors are more intense, with some spicy and delicious notes, the burn is even and makes a solid ash. All flavors from the 1/3 remain there in a more concentrated fashion.

The last 3/3 of my sticks are always my favorite, all the flavors are more intense and the spice fills up your palate.The Siglo VI is no different, all of the flavors are now very concentrated and delicious, the burn is even all the way and the only problem is that my stick is now almost over.

When smoking a Siglo VI you will find out that the cigar lives up to its name, and it being a personal favorite of mine I strongly encourage all of you who haven’t tried it yet to do so, and if you are already acquainted with this magnificent stick light one up and enjoy!.

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