Siglo IV

 Well I couldn’t resist myself so I took in and smoked a Cohiba Siglo IV Corona Gorda. I can say that I have never had a Cohiba before both Non-Cuban/Cuban but I am reluctant to have tried a Cuban one first.  Im not big on an intro to things because I like to keep things simple so forgive me if your the person that likes to be drawn into what they are reading but rest assured, the info that I provide will change your mind.

Feel & Look

  • The look of the label was very classic design that I remember seeing in movies. It was very cool to see this for the first time.
  • The feel of it was great, very silk to the touch and smooth in the hand.


  • The foot of the cigar looked very packed and neat.
  • The cap was tripled layered and cut great.
  • Construction was very even and neat.
  • Smooth viens not very bulky.
  • Ash was great.
  • Pre-light was very enjoyable.
  • The draw was tight during the 1/3rd but eased up after that.


  • As soon as I opened up the tubo to the Cohiba Singlo IV I was overwhelmed with a smell that I can say was almost like a local coffee shop and sprinkled hints of different spices! Really intense. I went in for the kill and promptly v-cutted this fine cigar and lit it with a cedar match
  • Im putting numbers 1/3rd, 2/3rd etc. into numbers such as 1, 2, and 3, to clarify.
  1. The first intial puff was like tasting sweet coffe with notes of wood.  The first third of the cigar had transformed into a coffee roast with bits of cream, spice and very few traces of grass that was not overbearing.
  2. Was leaning more towards a warm milk sensation with coffee  on every draw. It was like having a nice cup of your favorite coffee and tossing it with some creamy milk. I did get some traces of wood but it was very faint.
  3. Unleashed a plethora of flavors that mixed in with the intial coffee flavor but I know for sure that I did taste hints of vanilla and hay as it finished. Just unbelievable!



  • It was even a lot of the times but only I had to fix it once towards the middle.
  • The ash was lovely! Almost dark with a little gray in the mix.
  • When smoking, the ash was very firm and stuck to the cigar, my term is “it didn’t want to come off.”



  • I think these are very affordable. I bought a 3-pack for right around 30 US dollars. So 10 US dollars a cigar is not bad at all! Shoot i’ve seen one cohiba non-cuban run for 30 US dollars!

Last thought

I would get these again if I had the chance! Its worth every bit of pound if you want to have a good smoke! Also try getting a couple an aging them in your humidor. Heard they age quite nicely! Thank you guys for reading! All you fellow Botl’s stay smokey!