Make: Cohiba; Maduro 5

Size: Secretos; petit corona

Length: 4 3/8” or 110mm

Gauge: 40

Country: Cuba

Wrapper: 5 year aged Maduro

The Maduro 5 linea is one of 4 lineas available from Cohiba.

“The Cohiba Maduro 5 line is known for its smooth medium body and sweet, chocolaty flavor. This Maduro wrapped cigar also has 5 years worth of aging to insure the cigar has naturally alleviated more than 95% of it’s natural plant chemicals; nicotine and ammonia.”

Upon opening the box for the first time in over 3 years of sitting in my cabinet, I was overwhelmed as the smells of cocoa, chocolate and dried cherry filled my senses. I got this box in 2009 but the box was made Nov 08  The box was perfect even after all the time sitting.  The cigars perfectly aligned bands all facing up demonstrating the quality control Cohiba has over all their products.  To be honest it’s one of the most attractive aspects of the brand is how much care is taken from the production of the cigars to the packaging the cigars come in.

After I clipped the cap, the draw brings a lot of cocoa and cherry to the palate. From the foot and wrapper you can see the quality of tobacco being used. The foot shows off a beautiful blend of tobaccos bunched into such a small cigar. The wrapper on the few I sampled from this box for this review were nice and dark, sweet aroma and a bit toothy which isn’t very common for Habanos.

After the first few puffs the taste of the cherry and cocoa is definitely translating from the dry draw I explained just above. Cohiba makes great cigars and you will never find me complaining about taste or flavour when it comes to their cigars.  But these secretos are in a league of their own when in comes to a nice quick smoke.  And for the cost I know some people would rather grab a much larger cigar. But these will not disappoint.

As I make my way to the halfway point you can really taste the cocoa almost turning into a dark chocolate taste with a bit of sweetness.  A bit of cedar comes and goes and it’s a welcome combo in my mind as I love the flavour of cedar and other wood. I really love the complexity in this little smoke. The burn stays sharp and surprisingly for a smaller gauge cigar the ash has held well.  Not a surprise though for a Cohiba. A lot of smoke and flavour and smoke are present at this point.

At the finale, you’re greeted with chocolate, oak, maybe some cherry still or black current and it’s a cigar I usually smoke to the last few centimetres.  Now if you’re skeptical of trying the Secretos because of the size to price ratio, go ahead and grab a Genios or Magicos which have a bit more length and a larger gauge to them but all the same flavours.  These are a nice addition to the Cohiba brand that I can see myself buying to keep around for when I have a sweet tooth for a cigar and don’t feel like sparking a Cohiba 1966 up.  Cheers and happy smoking!


-JG @galbratov

Final Score 93/100