first of all the look of this beauty is amazing, the wrapper  is so shiny,  nice construction and full of tobacco.

1st third:
In the first few puffs leather throws me pretty young with a touch of cedar wood, feel a medium bodied,  retroinhale through the nose give me leather and a touch young floral that I can not decipher. in the aftertaste leaves me slightly itchy.
and to finish the first third the leather and wood are placed at the same level, which makes me more difficult to distinguish. The palate is generous filling and velvety leaves me feeling that pervades the entire mouth (as if it were cotton candy, without the sweetness, of course)

The 2nd third:
We continue with the leather and wood increases considerably, leaves me a little (very faint) of spices that I can not decipher but to sit on the sides of the tongue, thus same as me dry mouth (is medio tiempo tabacco? ) aftertaste quite long, the longest I’ve ever experienced, minor corrections of combustion, but not bothered a bit uncomfortable.

3rd third:
creaminess fades and increasing strength comes to medium-high. in step nose much wood left me with a slight sweetness and something that resembles me nuts.
half of the third the cedar wood is much stronger, the shot is closer and mouth filling is not as generous as it had in previous presenting thirds. The leather never leaves the cigar and at this stage about to let die in the ashtray before gives me some fresh floral notes in the throat along with step by nose accompanied by a slight itching on the lips.
let him rest.


Certainly is a premium cigar, enjoyable, I did not find much change … but will not get bored waiting for more and I was not offered.
I no replay value, and not just because of the cost but because I did not like the 8th wonder Habanos SA presents him. I see no fairness in price / value.

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Happy end of the world everyone.