box code: BUL Nov 11

At first glance the 1966 is a beautiful display of what a cigar should look like, smooth wrapper leaf, immaculate pigtail and notes of cedar, earth & chocolate on the nose.The draw at cold is perfect with flavors of stone fruit, cedar and a little bit of spice to match.

Upon toasting the foot I am immediately hit with spice and that classic cohiba grass. The smoke is rich, coating the palette. The type of cigar you can really taste! As the 1/3 develops the spice and grass give way to a stronger stone fruit (maybe a slight peach), then a mellow cream / milk coffee.

This cigar is older & wiser then its years, as is evident from the continued “melt in your mouth” Cuban cream and now a stronger coffee flavor that reminds me of a brazil santos macchiato! As the 2nd progresses I notice a slight return of the spice and a little ammonia on the retro hale (but only for a couple of puffs). The smoke is thick and rich, with a velvet body coating my mouth.

Into the final 3rd the cream is still present but coffee has give way to a return of fruitiness, definitely peaches & cream with a buttered toast after taste (one to be savored!!) As I get towards the nub I notice a sweet sensation on my lips (I was literally licking them at this point) It is almost a molasses (honey) taste.

What an ending the 1966 gives you! peaches and cream, buttered toast and honey!

For such a young cigar this thing is a knock out I would honestly put it at a 95-96!