You are a cigar aficionado and planning a trip to Las Vegas, wondering if you could smoke your cigars up there.

Las Vegas is a welcoming place for all cigar smokers. You can smoke your cigar almost everywhere including hotels. When it comes to smoking cigar, where you smoke is important as what you smoke.

There are several places you can enjoy wide variety of cigar selections while enjoying your favorite drink. In the Forum Shops at Caesars there is a nice Casa Fuente cigar lounge where you can order your cocktail and choose your cigar and enjoy all by yourself. It’s just next to an escalator in a shopping mall…

Another place called Havana Cigar Bar which is very close to LVCC on Paradise Road. Nice atmosphere, nice people, especially Mike the bartender, limited choices in the walk-in humidor, uncomfortable chairs but live music.

Cigar smoking is not just about smoking a cigar right? It’s about sharing an experience and building a friendship. It’s not cool to smoke a cigar in a bar chair.

When it comes to brotherhood of the leaf, there is only one place for me in Las Vegas.Just 3 blocks west of the strip, It’s called En Fuego. I am not going to tell you about how good cigars and brands they have in their walk-in humidor because they have no racks for the crappy cigars. Only the best.. Michael doesn’t let people to smoke crap.

When i entered to the place, everyone welcomed me and offered an awesome cigars to smoke with them. Just in 2 minutes, i decided not to go somewhere else in Vegas. I’ve spent almost 6 days in there and had wonderful friends.We have talked about cigars, watched the games and everything. The best thing about the place is you don’t feel like a customer. You are just home. Yes it’s that much warm.

When you get there you will meet very special person, Antonio Martinez, torcedor, whose rolling amazing En Fuego cigars in the store told me that he has rolled over 1.4 million cigars in 28 years. He freshly rolled and offered me some special blends. All 5 stars.

Don_Antonio_Rolling_1 Don_Antonio_Rolling_2Antonio Martinez rolling cigars for me

En fuego has been in cigar business since 1992 and rolling their own blends of Dominican, Ecuadorian and Indonesian tabacco. They also roll cigars on site like weddings, meetings and any kind of events. I wish i could call them for my wedding last year. That would be awesome.

Micheal_and_I_Smoking En_Fuego_Box_Pressed[one_half last=”no”] Me and Michael, owner of En Fuego enjoying Culebras rolled by Don Antonio[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”]En Fuego Box Pressed sampler gifted by Scott[/one_half]

En_Fuego_Culebras En_Fuego_4U[one_half last=”no”] Culebras[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”]4U[/one_half]

Don’t forget to introduce yourself a Cigarian so Michael will let you taste the specials of En Fuego! 🙂 (hint: culebras)