The basis of the Kris Kringle ( or Secret Santa ) is simply to share some great cigars with our friends around the world. I have laid out some guidelines below that we should all follow, this is simply to ensure that it is all fair and we continue to good natured giving attitude we have all come to love from our fellow cigarians!

Although we would love everyone’s participation it is important we stick to the minimum spend


Once you fill out the fields below, all names will go into a hat and be drawn randomly. Basically you will get one person to send a gift to and someone different will get you name!

Once everyone’s name has been drawn we will contact you individually to give you the address and name of whom you will send to.

(Fairly simple right)



Each package be a minimum of $40 ( USD ) + shipping. We picked this number as it allows for 1-2 top shelf cigars and is inclusive to the Cuban smokers out there who pay a lot higher prices.

If you feel like being extremely generous and want to go over the minimum, (for instance if some one gets Cigarsnlife and feels like sending me a box of padron 1926 naturals no.2, that would be fine hahaha). However this would simply be your choice though.



We ask that all cigars be sent in a an airtight package with a humi pouch inside to maintain the cigar and also placed in a padded box / pouch


Sending to the USA

We have had a lot of success sending cigars to the states (in fact the only time I have had any go missing was due to a cigar loving local postman) We usually label them as “accessories” However if you are worried there are many great cigars which do not originate from a certain island 😉


BE A GENTLEMAN or LADY ( yes this means you GiGi lol)

Please remember this is an act of kindness undertaken in the spirit of giving, so be generous, be top shelf act with class and all will be repaid.

If you have questions please post in the Comments section below!

[attention]Submissions are closed. Many thanks.[/attention]