Vitola: Edmundo
Length: 13.5 cm
Gauge: 52
Strength: Full Body

Bolivar brand has a different place for me. Whenever i touch a Bolivar i can’t help myself thinking to suit up.

Always been occasional cigars for me.IMG_8144

This good looking cigar has a beautiful construction and well balanced weight under it’s bright, oily wrapper with no soft spots. I was very upset when i damaged the wrapper while cutting the cap off.

Cold tasting reveals spicy cacao with slight hints of honey and cinnamons. And also it feels like there is no way to get this plugged.

The first third this cigar has sweet-spicy flavour, intense wood and cacao with the hints of spices. It’s smooth and mild at the first lit. It was very balanced until the second third. The burn is excellent with solid cuban ash.

The second third sweet flavour gave its way to the spices and started to get medium to full strength with hints of cinnamon, woods and cacao.

And the final third, this well balanced cigar got full strength profile and developed itself by completely losing its sweet-cacao with the intensive peppers, spices and the hint of walnut bitterness. The last third ash became flaky but the burn still consistent.

After an 80 minutes of concerto, with this complexity and excellent balance this cigar is enjoyable for all cigar smokers in any time of the day.

Bolivar Fabulosos RE Benelux 2009 produced only 2600 cabinets of 25. I will definitely get the box if i still have chance to get one.

Last words, it is Bolivar.

Bolivar Fabulosos BeneluxBolivar Fabulosos IMG_8152





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