Vitola: Torpedo 6 1/2 x 52
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Body: Medium
Purchase Price: $40 box on 2.25 a stick
Drink: Whiskey Apple Juice mix


I’ve had the Bahia Trinidad’s before and for a cheap smoke I remembered them being fairly good, so I decided to buy a box of 40 on and try them out again. So here I am, smoking a Torpedo, and enjoying this sunny Saturday.



I tore through the plastic on this stick like it was Christmas day. I’ve been busy the last few days, so I’m going through stogie withdrawal. These cigars I normally get from my grandparents house, it’s my grandfathers favorite ones, and they have been sitting in his humidor for the last few months, so it was firm, with just a little bounce to it, thanks to the Boveda packs I gave him. The wrapper was a light brown shade, with no veins or imperfections. The cap was solid, but left a little tobacco on the tip even with my best cutter. After the cut, I noticed that the cigar wasn’t very tightly wrapped, as evident in this picture.

Smoking Experience:

Lighting this stogie up with excitement, I found the first third to be very peppery, with a small leathery note, as well as a cinnamon woodsy note as well. It had a wavy burn through this third, but still pulled a good amount of smoke. Once it reached the second third, most of the notes had faded and left me with the peppery taste. At this point had already started to leave the tip of my tongue hot each time I drew smoke. The ash was a dark grey, and ran about an inch long each time.


The Bahia Trinidad isn’t a very expensive cigar, running at around 2 dollars. I got a bundle on for $40, or 2 dollars per stick as a gift for my grandfather. So I really didn’t buy them at much of a discount, but still cheap is cheap!

Overall Rating: 3 1/2

Overall, this cigar had no real flaws, but then again had nothing really going for it either. The construction and appearance, while it wasn’t bad at all, didn’t leave my wowed. Its taste wasn’t bad either, but yet again nothing special. If you want a cigar to smoke while you’re doing something, then I suggest this one. This cigar is one I’d be smoking while I’m fishing, or grilling out. Not one I’d plan my day around.