Brand: Bad Dog Cigar Co.
Line: Patch 56 African Cameroon
Size: 5.0” x 56
Wrapper: African Cameroon
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium to Full


This African Cameroon wrapper leaf is a dark caramel color. The binder below is bumpy causing the wrapper to look more rugged than it actually is. The length of the cigar is beefy and well-filled. The pigtail cap is thing but nicely mounted.

Flavor & Cold Draw:

The pre-light aroma is slightly sweet with hints of leather. The cold draw is incredibly flavorful with undertones of nuts, pepper, leather, and cedar. Once lit, the flavor profile is dominated by intense cayenne pepper with an underlying leathery finish. During the second third, the cigar develops a very minute sweetness to it which continues to the end.

Burn & Smoking Characteristics:

The draw is easy and open, producing tons of smoke. The burn is uneven and requires a re-light midway through to even it back out. The deep grey ash is flakey and drops often making it a bit too high maintenance.


Although the flavor wasn’t bad, the uneven burn and constant ashing made this a less-than-enjoyable smoking experience. Like most cigars, it is always best to place in a well maintained cigar humidor prior to smoking.