Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano 2000
Binder: Yamasa Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican and Peruvian
Strength: Mild-Medium
Flavor: Medium



“The Dominant 13th” by Avo Cigars is another great cigar I happen to get my hands on. This one in particular is very eye catching when you see the box and its presentation. I walked into my local cigar shop Palm Desert Tabacco when it was right infront of me. The first thing that I notice was music and more music. I automatically knew this one was going to be my next must try. This year Avo celebrate being 87 years old. The Dominant 13th is a cigar named after Avo’s love of music, a difficult chord in the world of music. Avo’s musical background has been showcased in many of his previous limited releases and the Dominant 13th continues that tradition. Each of the boxes is packed with 13 cigars plus a thumb drive loaded with one of Avo’s favorite musical compositions that contains the Dominant 13th chord, a song entitled Delightful Days. The Dominant 13th is an impressive toro, looking and feeling bigger than it’s 6×52 billing. The Habano 2000 wrapper is a nice brown. There are a couple of small veins. The standard Avo band is present in a light brown color with gold foil printing with a secondary band denoting the Dominant 13th moniker assigned to this 2013 Limited Edition, with music notes around it. I paid $20 per cigar or for those people who love the limited edition cigars and want  boxes they are at $195 per box. Keep in mind that  “The Dominant 13th” Limited Edition 2013 is limited to 9,000 boxes worldwide.

Flavor: Pre light of The Dominant 13th was spicy with some cocoa mixes. The burn was un even but it self corrected it self. My ash was white with a little shades of gray. Into my second third The Dominant 13th takes a sweeter turn. The smoke remains thick and rich in flavor with a cocoa flavor over the top of the cedar. The cocoa mixes well with the cedar on the tongue, providing a nice change from the spicy tones in the first third. The spice is still slightly evident through the nose, though not in near the abundance that it was at the start. The strength has stayed steady at around the medium level. The balance between flavor and strength on this blend is great and will make sure to recommend this to all women who smokes cigars. Unfortunately my cigar turn off at this point. I was being consistent and writing my notes to now share with you guys when I notice in my next puff that it was off… Ugh. I relighted my cigar and although sometimes I feel and taste like the flavor isn’t the same when you relight a cigar, I did it and after a few puff’s we were back in business. My final third I notice a little of the spicy flavors coming back, but still remaining a medium body cigar until the end.

Conclusion: The Dominant 13th by Avo cigars is another great cigar to celebrate another year of life. If your familiar with Avo’s Cigar you won’t be disappointed. The only thing for me that I could say was on the downside was when it turn off. Aside from that being a limited edition makes it a must try and being over all pretty smooth throughout.  I would recommend this as a nice afternoon cigar to all SOTL and to everyone who is a medium body cigar smoker.  While your at it feel free to play some good tunes and enjoy.



Lady Cigarian <3