Wrapper: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Binder: Dominican Republic

Strength: Medium


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Aurora 100 Años which means (100 years) pays tribute to La Aurora’s time in the business. La Aurora is a company that was founded in 1903, and to honor its 100 years in 2003 they release what is known as “The Best Dominican Cigar in the World”. Very rare and available to only a small handful of suppliers, the Aurora 100 Años is one of the highest rated brands ever made. Each 100 Años utilizes only tobacco that is grown and rolled in the Dominican Republic. The secret to the 100 Años blend is the wrapper. Growing wrapper tobacco in the Dominican Republic is nearly impossible because of the agricultural difficulties, but they succeeded  making this wrapper the most flavorful wrapper in the world. Aurora 100 Años has a Corojo seed Dominican wrapper that covers mostly Corojo fillers making it one of the world’s only cigars to use 100% Dominican Tobacco. Categorizing these among some of the rarest cigars ever made. Needless to say this was a must try in my books. I was able to get my hands on this cigar when I randomly chose a cigar lounge to go and check out. The V Cut Cigar lounge in Los Angeles is one of the great cigar lounges where I found this rare cigar. Tobacconist Murtaza Ahmadi recommend this cigar being one of his favorites. Once he gave me some information of why it was his favorites I was sold!. I notice the price way a bit pricey but when your guarantee a great cigar they are priceless. The band is gold and red, featuring the profile of a lion with a brilliant red sunset at its back. Golden leaves wrap around the band and individually numbered. The original 100 Años cigars have a serial number printed on a second band that sits beneath the lion-head band. The cigar had no soft spots, minimum veins with a perfect wrapper oily and firm to the touch.


Flavor: Pre-Light of the cigar was sweet and tasty with a orange zest, nutty and caramel flavors. The burn was good and it required minimum touch ups. The draw is perfect although it doesn’t release much smoke at the beginning its very creamy and smooth. The burn line is close to perfect and the ash is white with shades of light and dark gray. The second third of the cigar it continues to have great flavors of caramel, some vanilla and buttery creaminess show up to really complement the cocoa and caramel flavors. The flavors this cigar has to offer are amazing and beyond what my expectations from a citrus, vanilla, caramel and some cedar the balance of flavors are just on point. The final third the flavors get more strong on the cedar and some leather side but  yet I was able to still taste the citrus and caramel having a great balance. I smoked this cigar in just over an hour and I recommend that if you get your hands on this cigar that you enjoy the smooth and slow burn of the cigar. Its very tasty well flavored medium body with a great combination of flavors.


photoConclusion: I have to say that Aurora  100 Años is now on my top best cigars I have ever tasted. Aside from the price being a bit high, I will say I was happy to find it in my local Palm Desert Tabacco store for way cheaper than what I paid the first time. If you happen to run into any place that sells them, make sure you dont past the opportunity and buy at least one. I noticed no aftertaste and my palate was left clean after each puff which if you know me that’s always a plus aside from loving a sweet and creamy cigar. This is by far my favorite smoke to be released by La Aurora, and at this moment my favorite cigar to come out of the Dominican Republic. The complexity and excellent balance this cigar has to offer is enjoyable for all cigar enthusiast. Getting my hands on this cigar was a great opportunity for me, being the only cigars to use 100% Dominican Tobacco I will say was what sold me and I can say I have tried it.