Asylum 13 is a cigar by Tom Lazuka and Chriatian Eiroa.  This is a Nicaraguan puro from Nicaragua. I was looking for something new to smoke and I saw this large cigar 6 x 80 mm, and for some reason I had to have it.  The wrapper was nice and dark with a couple of large veins, I thought one would be a problem but it wasn’t.  It has a triple cape and the per-light flavor is cedar and chocolate.  The feel was firm with some give to the touch.  The look is dry with a little sheen. I pulled out my double and triple guillotines which didn’t do the job and had to use a plug cutter to make three holes in the head.

The first third right from the start I got cedar and chocolate.  About a third into it there was a lot of creamy smoke. This is very mild and enjoyable, toward the end of the first third it gain a hint of herbal in the background and a sweetness that mixed well with the creamy smoke.

In the second third the ash is a whitish gray and still hanging on. The flavor are the same but there is a nice meaty taste like slow cooked pork, in the first third I thought I taste bacon but I wasn’t sure then now I am. The burn line is a little wavy but I would still call it even. At the end of this third the strength is more toward the medium than mild. I did have to correct the burn but I think it’s because the wind had picked up.

The final third is mostly cedar and herbal and the strength is all medium now.  The burn slowed for a while and picked up again to what it was before.  There a creaminess that coats the mouth and a nice oiliness that’s all over the lips. As I finished this nub I got a bit of spice and it ended with cedar and a hint of apple. this was a awesome 3 hours.

When I read about this being a puro I thought it would be all pepper, but I was wrong. This is a great mild to medium smoke with an enjoyable flavor. The next day I went back to the shop looking for another one.