Pre-lit: The smell at the foot of the cigar is reminiscent to the soothing sweet aroma of dry fruits and raisins other Arturo Fuente cigars are know to have, such as the Anejo and Opus X line.

It is a torpedo shaped cigar; however, this cigar is also semi-box-pressed it reminds me of the shape of a trumpet of some sorts. The foot of the cigar is oval shaped which tappers down to the classic cone shape head. It has an attractive, elegant, reddish, oily wrapper with almost no veins. The cigar feels just right between the fingers, not too hard, not too soft to the touch. For this cigar I will use a V cutter. After the cut I’m happy to find out that the draw is perfect, another point in favor. Along with the perfect draw came sweet and mild notes dry fruits, but no spiciness as I have encountered with the Opus X or Anejos, this tells me to expect a mild to medium cigar.

After lighting the cigar I’m presented with a mouth full of caramel, and dark chocolate. It’s chalky and it also has some sweetness, a sweetness one expect from a maduro wrapper. The smell of the cigar is very pleasant and relaxing.

Beginning the second part of the cigar I take a sip of The Glenlivet 12yr scotch…wow! The scotch almost makes me think I’m smoking a different cigar. Flavors such as the dark chocolate are more pronounced. The sweetness still there, lingering but not taking over the show. New flavors emerge such as roasted coffee beans, which is the star flavor during this part. The retro-hale screams fresh bread out of the oven, and so far no burning problems whatsoever.

During the last part, the cigar turns more bold, I notice some peppery notes, leather, more tar and more dark chocolate, but bolder than before, oh and the sweetness still there just complimenting this beauty.

Overall I had a great experience smoking this cigar. I definitely will get more of these. It is a box worthy!

Highly recommended.