Cigar Stats

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro (Aged 5 years, 8 months in Cognac Barrels.
Binder:  Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Size:  5 x 50
Price: MSRP-$9.25, I paid – $18.50, – $34.95
Location: Office
Drinking: Vodka Lemmon Raspberry mix


Today I am reviewing a very special cigar.  The story behind this one is that a hurricane devastated the Opus X wrappers, so they used the binder and filler with a Connecticut Maduro wrapper that is aged five years, at least some of that aging time is spent in Cognac barrels.  This cigar is only available at father’s day and Christmas.  Supply and demand what it is, they often go for 35 dollars or more.  Mine was a gift from a new SOTL, She got it at the low price of $11.50.  The cigar is constructed flawlessly and one look at the foot reveals a massive amount of tobacco crammed into this cigar.  The cigar has a wonderful pre-light aroma that has a very earthy, tobacco scent to it.  There is something else there that I can’t quite put my finger on, which I’m guessing is probably from the Cognac barrels.

It was actually a little tough to cut because of the tightness, but the dry draw pulls perfectly without too much effort.  The cognac definitely comes through in the smoke, but does not overpower the cigar.  The cigar has a massive amount of flavors going through it that are kind of hard to pick up, but in a great way.  It tastes pretty woody, with an earthy dirt flavor in there.  I catch a hint of spice left as an aftertaste with each puff.  The cigar is definitely full bodied and forces you to take your time.  It produces huge volumes of smoke that fill your mouth to the brim.  The cognac comes through quite a bit more as you move into the second third.  I also catch a hint of sweetness every now and then.  The cigar seems to evolve with each puff and it is kind of hard to do a full review because I get new flavors with each draw.  The ash on this cigar is a light gray and hangs on well over an inch before being knocked off.  The sweetness seems to pick up at the halfway mark and it seems to be dominantly a sweet and spicy smoke which leaves a great taste in your mouth.  The cognac seems to be coming and going a little bit, and now I am getting a stronger cognac taste.  The cigar is switching between the sweet cognac flavor and an earthy, peppery, woody flavor.

This was absolutely a wonderful cigar.  I found it a little tough to review because it was so incredibly complex.  I would love to smoke another one of these if I can find it.  I definitely recommend this to anyone who can get their hands on it.  I would rate this one as one of those must smoke cigars.


Liked it: Yes… but with a few year or so under their belt reveals a much more balanced and rewarding smoke.
Buy it again: Yes… but I’ll be patient and hunt down the properly priced sticks.
Recommend it: ABSOLUTELY…be sure to get an extra one with the intention of aging!