A. Turrent Puro Maduro Triple Play

Firstly, I have to admit that choosing a cigar out of my humidor these days has almost become an event in itself aside from the pleasure of the smoke.  Last night was no exception.  I never grab just any stick from my humidor just for the sake of smoking it, even if I’ve had it in there for months.  It’s an enjoyable process for me to carefully pick up, examine and smell multiple cigars.  I love to admire the bands and really just find out what kind of mood I am in, what brand or size even jumps out at me that particular moment.  I may have a cigar in mind for days that I look forward to smoking but totally swap decisions the moment I see another that catches my intrigue.  After what seemed like a half hour or so and with my Americano coffee in hand, I finally landed on a robusto sized ‘Puro Maduro’ from Alejandro Turrent.

I slipped this cigar out of it’s cellophane wrapper to an explosion sweet tobacco smells hit me and I absolutely loved it.  After clipping the cap of I honestly puffed on it cold for a solid few minutes.  It was such a sweet earthy floral note that could have steeped it in hot water and drank it as a tea!  I really think the multiple filler tobaccos from Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua played a  huge role here in the multiple complex smells, hence the name ‘Triple Play’.  The dark brown velvety/oily wrapper and construction was slick and firm to the touch.  It looked really great to me, no spots, or unsightly veins.  I didn’t feel any spongy soft spots and really I think quite highly of the construction and reputation of this cigar.  The draw was nice and consistent, not too firm nor loose at all.

When I first lit this up and started into the first third, I was initially hit with what I can only describe as a bright woody taste contrasted with a dark cocoa finish.  Right at the beginning, there was not a pepper but rather a bitter spice on the retro hale that tickled my nose.  Fifteen minutes in, this spice for me soon turned into a sweet creamier chocolate.  Into the second third, any lingering spice had completely subsided and turned into a bright sweet floral note that would initially hit my palette.  I still felt like the aftertaste on the retro hale was a constant chocolate note, and so tasty that I practically could chew it.  This continued throughout the second but it was a whole new ‘ball game’ as I headed into the last third.  The earthy notes really picked up.  The sweetness retreated and was replaced with a saltier toasted leather complexion.  These salty notes were new to me in a cigar, and was a nice unique change but did smooth and mellow out at the end nub.  The burn was great throughout this stick and needed no touch ups as I just sat back and thoroughly enjoyed my roughly hour and twenty minutes or so.


For me, the two thirds of the cigar were the most enjoyable being the sweeter creamier chocolate.  The earthier woods and salty leather in the last…Some may find that a let down but I enjoyed the dramatic change in flavour.  My only disappointment did come in this last stage where the complex flavours did seem to become flat and one dimensional.  With that being said this Maduro did keep me constantly guessing on what flavours I was picking up on at that particular moment.  This cigar is described as a full body but I feel like it probably sits on the fence closer to the medium side.  I would definitely re stock up on this cigar again and if you like a good Maduro, absolutely do add this to your list to try.  I’m glad I still have one more in my humidor that will probably make an appearance again next year…I give the A. Turrent // Puro Maduro ‘Triple Play’ 4.245 out of 5 stars…a very solid choice and smoke indeed.