To all my cigar lovers around the world, this time around my article will be a little different. I wanted to take the chance and write about my personal experience and share the ones of other women in the cigar world. I have had the experience of meeting or simply interacting through Instagram or Facebook with many women who love and appreciate the taste of a great smoke. As we referred each other as SOTL ( Sisters Of The Leaf). The origins of smoking cigars are still unknown, something I did learn was that in Guatemala a ceramic pot going back to the tenth century had Mayan smoking tobacco leaves tied together with a string. Many believe the word  Cigar came from the term Sikar which was the term used by the Mayans. As the history of cigars traces back to so many century’s its uncertain when women first started smoking cigars. Something I do know is that when looking thru the history of cigars you always think of “MEN”.  I was so intrigued in writing this article from getting peoples opinion on social media to doing my personal research on articles that trace back even before I knew of the word “Cigar”. One article in particular caught my attention. Luxist by Tom Fobansmeyer, “Aren’t cigar smokers supposed to be, you know, big swinging dicks? Tough uber-capitalists, showing off their success?”. It was then when I realize I had to give women some credict for joining and being part of whats known to be a “Man’s World”.


Going back  to 1887 ,women have always had a place in the cigar industry, but as cigar makers not smokers.I love this picture I found in the newspaper St. Paul Daily Globe November 14, 1887, page 2 title “Fair Cigar Fabricators: Women Far Superior to Men in Their Delicacy of Touch and Dexterity”.This picture itself speaks volume to the cigar world of what I take part on every time I smoke a cigar.

shapeimage_2I love everything about this and talk about the history. Im here to not just write another article detailing the flavors of a great cigar, but to also speak about the growth in the cigar industry in women. We are no longer behind the scenes, we no longer drop off our husbands to a cigar lounge while we go shopping.We come in and chose a cigar and enjoy the relaxed environment a lounge has to offer. I personally took the initiative in learning more when I started seeing more women smoke cigars, I use to see it as a “Boss Lady” type of way. Strong, classy, successful, delicate and giving the cigar society a great balance to what is known to be male dominated. It was when I started visiting cigar lounges around Southern California, seeking a new smoke every time, relaxing and gathering my thoughts of whether it was business, personal or just needed some time for myself. I right away notice that 99 percent of the time I was the only women in that lounge.  I didn’t think nothing of it since most people always compared smoking cigars to cigarretts ugh.. not even close people!. I started following more cigar aficionado’s on instagram and in no time I discovered more women who smoke just like me. I love seeing and sharing our pictures and appreciate the beauty they bring.  The reason I wanted to write this article and share it with all the SOTL and BOTL is because as many of you know women arent recognize as Cigar Aficionados (a) like men are. Those who know the industry of cigar know its changing and in fact women have their own cigar lines and developing themselves in the cigar world. The entrepreneur, successful, boss, living large, expensive taste etc is no longer just for man, its also represented by women who are also bosses, entrepreneurs, who enjoy a tasty cigar. I encourage more women to try it and not be shy or intimidated to be part of a world who welcomes everyone and its affordable, sharing a mixture of cigars from around the world one person at a time. Bringing the sex appeal and classiness only  women can offer with her fashion and smiles among men.

Thank you everyone who helped me specially @MAHLILOUU for sharing her personal experience as SOTL with me.

Much love Lady Cigarian <3

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